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Frightening Fresh Fries….


Eating 2 or more portions of french fries a week can lead to premature death….thus spake the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study, recently published, followed 4400 people in North America between the ages of 45 and 79 years. 236 people were dead by the end of the study.┬áThose that ate 2 or more portions of french fries per week were twice as likely to have died as compared to those that eat less french fries. The problem, the journal clarifies helpfully, is not with the potato, it is with the way it is prepared – deep fried and liberally laced with salt….



One wonders how something that tastes so heavenly could hasten you visit there?

To Whom So Ever It May Concern…

To Whom So Ever It May Concern…

To Whom So Ever It May Concern” is a typical opening line in may semi-official and fully official sounding letters that are handed out. These letters can about myriad things-requesting leave of absence, complaining about some service, etc.

The title is self explanatory in that it is not addressed to anyone specific. It is often targeted at some nondescript official in some nondescript office.

However, when read literally, it is addressed to anyone who would be interested in the contents of the letter. Similarly , this blog is addressed to anyone who notices it and further, bother’s to read it. It is a collection of writings about things that have caught my attention and got me thinking. I hope this blog does the same to you too….enjoy….